Forms of cooperation

NVG stands for healthy and safe pet food through balanced guidelines and self-regulation. In addition, we are committed to responsible pet ownership. We have been the trade association for manufacturers and importers of pet food in the Netherlands since 1972 and represent the common business interests of our members.

At the heart of the industry

The members of NVG not only produce dog and cat food, but also food for other pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds. Over 80% of all food for dogs and cats in the Netherlands is marketed by members of the NVG.

We believe it is important that we, as a trade association, are at the heart of the market and that we have partnerships with all parties involved in the pet food industry.

International cooperation

Also at an international level the pet food industry is also well organized. NVG is member of FEDIAF,  the umbrella organization of the European national associations. FEDIAF is in turn member of  the Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations (GAPFA) the umbrella organization for petfood.

An important body within NVG is the Technical Working Group. All members of NVG are represented in this working group, where various technical issues and matters are discussed about legislation and self-regulation in the field of pet food. In turn, the NVG Technical Working Group delegates Dutch specialists to various international working groups of FEDIAF and GAPFA. These international working groups are organized around specific topics such as Feed Hygiene & Safety, Nutrition & Analytical Sciences, Environment, Feed Materials & Trade, Additives, Product Communication etc.

Collaborations in the Netherlands

Within The Netherlands and together with various organizations, NVG is a member of various committees of GMP+. NVG is also one of the co-founders of FND, the Federation of the Dutch Animal Feed Chain. FND consults on a national level with all Dutch organizations operating in the animal feed chain.

Further more NVG works on a project basis with other stakeholders, such as with Dibevo for pet population research and with educational institutions such as HAS and Aeres for the Trendpanel Companion Animals [link to facts and figures]. Above all, NVG is, of course, the intermediary between the business community and the government, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

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