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NVG stands for healthy and safe pet food. Our members apply the European self-regulation laid down in the FEDIAF Codes. To this end the Code of Conduct is signed at the start of membership.

By connecting knowledge and networks, we create inspiration and progress in the pet food sector. Together we are smarter, stronger and more innovative for good, safe and sustainable pet food.

Would you like to join NVG as a member, knowledge partner or export partner? Please contact us.


Accessible to: Companies that manufacture and/or market pet food.

  • Active participation in NVG members events (2x per year)
  • Active knowledge sharing in NVG Technical Working Groups (3 to 4 times a year)
  • Knowledge gathering through NVG and international umbrella organization FEDIAF
  • Steering power with regard to (inter)national self-regulation and legislation
  • Innovative power through NVG network and partners
  • Access to NVG and FEDIAF events and training/workshops
  • Access to full pet population research results

Export Partnership

Open to: companies that manufacture and/or market pet food, interested in exporting to 3rd countries / companies associated with the pet food sector, interested in exporting to 3rd countries.

  • Active participation in NVG Export Working Group (3 to 4 times a year)
  • Knowledge gathering via NVG Export Working Group
  • Access to Way2Trade services
  • Partner benefits during NVG events

Allied industry partnership

Accessible to: companies that do not manufacture or market pet food themselves, but are affiliated with the pet food sector by, for example, supplying products or techniques to manufacturers of pet food.

  • Active knowledge transfer via NVG theme meetings and NVG communication channels
  • Knowledge gathering through NVG theme meetings and NVG communication channels
  • Network opportunities and partner benefits during NVG events / workshops

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