Operating on a unique residuals-to-resources concept, Sonac develops bio-functional, techno-functional and nutritional ingredients that benefit the pet food industry, pet owners and pets. We operate at the intersection of these three different stakeholders’ worlds.

We are a leading producer of reliable, sustainable ingredients worldwide, with representation on 4 continents and activities in 60 different locations. As a dependable one-stop shop for smart, volume-driven, ingredient solutions, our constant aim is to help manufacturers improve recipes and reach the highest levels of quality and environmental performance. 

Sonac is part of Darling Ingredients

Why are you a member/partner of NVG?

You cannot navigate today’s complex pet food industry alone
In today’s globalized, networked and highly transparent pet food market, getting the right product or ingredient is just not enough. As a pet food manufacturer you operate across a broad and highly varied landscape of opportunities and demands. From the nutritional and functional properties of your products to formulation and efficiency requirements. From traceability and sustainability trends to innovation. From changes in consumer behavior and trade politics to local differences in legislation.
We join NVG as a knowledge partner because we believe that together we can make a difference and together we can make even better, more innovative, high-quality and sustainable pet food.

By processing our high-quality, natural and safe ingredients of animal origin, with a low carbon footprint, we contribute to sustainability and we strengthen the circular economy. 

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