17 juni 2021

FEDIAF focuses on the future at its Annual Congress

Op 17 juni 2021 organiseerde onze Europese koepelorganisatie FEDIAF haar jaarlijkse ledenvergadering, met aansluitend een congres voor alle leden en genodigden. Evenals vorig jaar, waren het ook dit jaar online events. De meeting werd zeer professioneel gehost door Annet Palamba voorzitter van FEDIAF en bestuurslid van NVG, en Raquel Izquierdo de Santiago, Secretary General. In de ledenvergadering werd onder andere de nieuwe meerjarenstrategie gepresenteerd. Tijdens het congres was uiteraard veel aandacht voor environment & sustainability. FEDIAF ontving in dit kader van de sprekers waardering voor haar standpunten en de ontwikkeling van de PEFCR voor pet food. Daarnaast was er een rondetafeldiscussie met experts over Brexit en werd het congres afgesloten met nieuws vanuit de Europese Commissie. Lees hieronder het FEDIAF persbericht over dit event. 

A new three-year strategy is unveiled and expert speakers highlight FEDIAF’s commitment to the sustainable global trade of nutritious pet food.

Brussels, 17 June 2021 - Today, the European Pet Food Industry, FEDIAF, held its second virtual AGM & Congress with over 180 attendees from 21 countries.  Members and guests all share a passion for the future of the pet food industry. In addition to unveiling the FEDIAF 2021 Annual Report and a new 2022 – 2025 strategy, FEDIAF welcomed expert speakers on core areas of focus such as sustainability and global trade.

Annet Palamba, FEDIAF’s President, who opened the event, confirmed: “We are delighted to have welcomed so many industry representatives and guests to our annual Congress.  It is wonderful – once again – to witness the collaborative spirit of the pet food industry.  Moreover, this event has highlighted our commitment to cooperation in a global market with clear priorities for the years to come.”

With FEDIAF’s commitment to caring for the environment, the Congress commenced with Kęstutis Sadauskas, Director for Circular Economy and Green Growth, in the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission. Kestutis thanked FEDIAF for its preparedness with the PEF rules and outlined how the pet food industry can continue to transition to a circular economy.

Another event highlight was the roundtable discussion, which focused on “Brexit – the first 150 days”. Moderator Dr Monika Prenner, chair of FEDIAF’s Feed Materials & Trade Working Group, explained how the pet food industry had transitioned and adapted through first five and half months of trade on both sides of the pond. Speakers included Michael Bellingham, Chief Executive of PFMA, Paulo Luciano, from DG Trade of the European Commission and Julie Poirot, from the French embassy in the UK. Panel members all agreed that the focus should now be on preparing for October 2021.

Finally, Dr Wolfgang Trunk, from the Unit of Animal Nutrition & Health of DG SANTE, European Commission, gave participants an excellent overview of the latest legal developments affecting the pet food industry.

Closing the 2021 FEDIAF Congress, Raquel Izquierdo de Santiago, Secretary General, said: “After today’s inspiring presentations, it is clear that the pet food industry is already positively engaged in global discussions about facilitating trade and working towards a greener future.  We are a highly regulated and responsible industry and, despite the challenges of Brexit and Covid, we are excited about the future. We are committed to working hard to achieve a favourable and sustainable trading environment for our members.”

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